Community Development

Dolma Ling Community Centre

soup kitchen Dolma Ling Community Centre, funded by Prophecy, was opened in August 2003 as a soup kitchen serving the homeless and poor in the outlying “suburbs” of Ulaanbaatar, located in the ger district of Amgalan, Byanzurkh District. In 2005 a Health Clinic (HC) was established staffed by a Mongolian Doctor and then a Children’s Development Program (CDP) added. The CDP is aimed at developing self esteem and moral values to support the children in developing a strong, positive character to give them a better chance in the difficult life which confronts many of them.

The two new projects were established with the financial support of a minerals exploration company named UGL. After a name change to Red Hill Energy the exploration company has now sold to a mining company Prophecy Coal. The HC is now staffed by a Doctor and Nurse and the CDP has two full time teachers.

Dolma Ling Community Centre is a project of the NGO, Lamp of the Path, which was established in Mongolia with the aim of improving the lives of the homeless, poor and vulnerable Mongolians.

The Centre was established when the social conditions in Mongolia were much worse than they are now and Lamp of the Path has adapted its targeting of energy and funding it order to be the most efficient and effective in providing relief for the largest number of people. We will continue to operate the soup kitchen, which still provides up to 80 hot meals 5 days a week to homeless and poor people. There will always be in any society a group who is unable to keep themselves housed and fed for whatever reason, especially amongst the usual vulnerable sectors of society, the young, the old, and solo parents.

Our Children’s Development Program will develop into a kindergarten with the plan to add lower grade primary education to the services we will offer. We believe teaching the child strong moral values based on respect for all living beings will ensure the next generation have the skills to change some of the problems which currently confront Mongolia.

kinder-gardenAll of these are a long way from the soup kitchen which is our root. Also at our core lies the Health Clinic and Children’s Development Program. Both of these have served their intended roles well but now it is time to change the way in which they offer service.

This change is already under way and will change dramatically once the new kindergarten is built next summer. The CDP moving from the Community Centre will provide space to pave the way for some big changes in the way the HC offers its services.

All the above activities which Lamp of the Path is now involved in are only possible because of the support given to us first by UGL and then Red Hill Energy. Not only do they provide all the funding to run both the CDP and HC, they also fund the administration.

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